Some Sunny Spring Weather — Quinta de Cima, Vale de Prazeres

Ok — so today it was actually drizzly all day — but thankfully — yesterday, when the guys turned up with the big machines to dig the first of several lakes we have planned to create on the farm, it was a gorgeous day!

Eventually we hope to have lakes on the terraces where there are not already tanques, and if we get to build the ‘big lake’ on the second terrace we might even hope to fulfill one of our additional dreams of starting pisciculture here.

We are also hoping to contrive to allow the water to ‘fall’ through a system between tanks and lakes that may allow us to develop some ‘micro-hydro’ electricity generation systems that will enable us to use renewable energy to generate some electrical resources on the land— this may help anyone camping or staying on the land… but could also be used for machinery or perhaps lighting… and will be a useful and ultimately ‘free’ resource (after the initial investment… you’ll maybe note we have added a ‘donation’ button as we realize that the demands of the projects we’d like to progress outstrip our resources… so we are very grateful for any help! And who knows maybe you’ll get to visit and take some advantage of the things you’ve helped to make possible one day? We’d like to hope so!)
checking the new shoots in the greenhouse

a lemon tree my dear watson

the terrace with cherry trees and soon maybe a large lake

a view of the farmhouse Quinta de Cima

a quite spot to contemplate the next move

digging the new lake