And Suddenly It’s April 2015

Where has time flown by to… and I’m not just talking about the hour we lost last night!

OK so it’s yet a couple of days before April commences, and we appear to have come through the recent sun-flares, total eclipse and super-moon without undue harm (yet who really knows?) 😉

We’ve had some glorious days in the past week since the Spring Equinox as if we had jumped straight into summer and the cherry blossom has been coaxed out to increasingly full-effect over this last week. Here in the ‘fruit-bowl’ of Portugal there is plenty of the wonderful white blossom to witness…

Our forested hillside now besports the so-called ‘Sticky Jesus’ with its substantial creamy white flowers, the best time of year for this otherwise rather unpleasantly sticky plant (hence part of the name — but as to why Jesus? Answers on a postcard please…)

The Pines have been very badly hit by the dreaded processionary moth this year, the weather must have been ideal or something, but many nests linger in the browned-off branches, even though the occupants have largely ‘processed’ to wherever they have decide to pupate… It’s still a bit of a mystery as to just what is the best ‘natural’ tactic to employ to try yo bring these critturs under control! — Advice form the ‘Net (as ever) conflicts wonderfully and confusingly– so as to be as good as useless. So if there is anyone out there who wants several kilograms of processionary caterpillar corpses, please let me know, as I still have them in a bin-bag pending my next (eco-friendly) move!

Otherwise life progresses — time passes all too swiftly.. and we still hope for contacts from one or two families (that’s to say ideally parent/s and children in say the 6 to 10 age range ideally) who might want to find a nice spot to settle and live the simple life… growing some veggies, helping -out around the farm — in return for a low-cost pitch for their tent/camper-van/caravan or W.H.Y.? We await your initial contact — especially if you have some land-work and/or carpentry skills and experience.

You can also find us under the item entitled: Cultivating Community Overlooking The ‘Valley of Pleasures’ in Central Portugal under General Notices on the website Diggers and Dreamers.