Welcome to the Valley of Pleasures

aimee at quinta de cima vale de prazeres
forest at quinta de cima permaculture project
a view up the hill from the farmhouse quinta de cima near fundao
Cherry trees at quinta de cima the valley of pleasures
view to the front of quinta de cima vale de prazeres
vale de gardunha from quinta de cima

Quinta de Cima in the Valley of Pleasures, Permaculture Eco-Project Farm
welcomes you…

We are seeking to establish a permaculture-based eco-project and holistic lifestyle learning center at our farm in the area known as the ‘fruit basket’ of Portugal — the Vale de Gardunha… and more specifically, on the edge of the village whose name translates into English as: The Valley of Pleasures! But let us just say that the year has not all gone as planned… Obviously we all know that with ‘Pleasure’ there comes, just as inevitably, ‘Pain’ –and there has been a fair share of that over the last months! Evidently whilst time appears to pass faster than ever before, everything takes longer to get done than ever before… A ‘double-whammy’ excuse for not getting as much done as we expected in the first year here!

If you know the area already then you’ll probably appreciate why the place has earned the soubriquet — the fruit-bowl of Portugal. If you have never visited before then perhaps you will be amazed by the seasonal abundance of fruits of all kinds bending the boughs of every tree…Indeed, the area is renowned for its sumptuous annual cherry harvest in late spring, followed by the gathering of a variety of soft fruits that burgeon on the summer boughs, then at the end of the year… following the cornucopia of the grape harvest and hosts of olives have been taken off to the local Lagars (olive presses), the trees are festively resplendent with oranges and lemons… This truly is a blessed terrain.

With such bounty bestowed by Mother Earth, the spirit of nature, the abundance of fresh, pure mountain nascentes providing crystal clear natural mineral water the year round, the mildness and warmth of the local micro-climate, it is hard not to be emotionally moved by the fabulous fecundity and fantastic flora as you explore and experience the true essence of the seasons… but seeing is believing, so we hope you may choose to visit us soon — and believe!

Here we envisage eco-friendly, environmentally low-impact dwellings created from natural resources and blending into the landscape so as to be almost invisible. Here we also imagine there will be natural, forest-based camping opportunities, allowing true communion with nature in an idyllic setting. Here it is also planned to exploit free and renewable energy sources, growing food using sustainable and earth-enhancing methods… whilst also learning more about becoming self sufficient and re-acquiring lost, forgotten or dying skills… For some this may sound too grand a scheme or enterprise — and undoubtedly we need help of all kinds to achieve the goals we have in mind! But if it appeals to you and you think you might be able to contribute some way towards making it happen… we ask you please, right now, to register your interest here:

(Your details will NOT be shared; you won’t be bombarded with emails BUT… we will keep you up-to-date with developments and let you know how you may be able to help!)

NEW: See our ‘Host Page’ at HelpX.com with details about visiting us for an ‘Organic Farmstay’ in return for work:

You can also ask us any questions via email using our onsite web-form just here
In love and light!

Updated: Jan 22, 2013
The Beginning of a New Era
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(Note: Quinta Espirito da Natureza and Essence of the Seasons are our own associated brands for produce from the farmstead)

valley of pleasures: quinta de cima, vale de prazeres